QuadHands Flex Workbench - Add Four Flexible Hands to Your PanaVise

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QuadHands® Flex  - Helping Hands Soldering Tool Add-On - Add Four Flexible Metal Arms to Your Favorite PanaVise

  • Easy add on to make your PanaVise system more flexible - all hardware is included.
  • Four 16" long all metal flexible gooseneck helping hands with Ultra Strong Rare Earth Magnetic Bases can be easily positioned where you want them.
  • Design is based on the popular QuadHands helping hands third-hand tool.
  • Stainless steel alligator clamps can be rotated 360 degrees then "locked" into place with knurled thumb nuts
  • Made in the USA - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Professional Grade Materials

  • The Ultimate Helping Hands Add On for the PanaVise®

    We love the PanaVise® clamping systems and use them in our product development studio. But even the best tools aren't perfect for every situation. We often needed some extra "hands" to hold a component on while soldering. That was the inspiration for the QuadHands® Flex Plus - a four flexible arm add on for your PanaVise clamping system.

    Four Hands Make the PanaVise Perfect!

    Four all steel flexible ‘gooseneck’ arms can be put exactly where you want and they’ll stay. Just move them where you want and let go. Four stainless steel alligator clamps are mounted onto the threaded end of the goosenecks. Matched with a thumb nut, each clamp can be rotated 360 degrees in either direction then locked into place. Exactly where you want. With a soldering iron in one hand and some solder in the other, you will find the QuadHands Flex Plus makes your PanaVise system infinitely more useful. We found it makes our PanaVise system perfect for board repair and other projects where your need some extra hands. We think you'll love it too.

    Easy to Install

    Installing the QuadHands Flex Plus on your PanaVise system is easy. Remove the screws holding your PanaVise to the base. Put the QuadHands Flex Plus between the two components and using the screws we've included with the kit put it back together.

    Legal Things

    PanaVise® is a registered trademark of PanaVise Products, Inc.

    QuadHands® and QuadHands Flex Plus® are trademarks of Alphidia, llc. There is no affiliation between the two companies (though we really love PanaVise products and enthusiastically recommend them). The PanaVise products shown in the pictures are used to show how the QuadHands Flex Plus attaches to and can be used with those products and are not included. You will receive the QuadHands Flex Plus and the hardware needed to mount it to your PanaVise as shown.

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