New Omax Water Jet Cutting Machine Arriving Next Week!

Omax Maxiem WaterJet Cutting Machine

We have a new machine arriving next week.

An Omax Maxiem Water Jet cutting machine. It uses 60,000 psi of water with abrasive (same as used on high end sandpaper) to cut through just about anything, including steel up to 6" thick.

This machine, though technically slower than our existing plasma cutter, will eliminate a ton of post cut processing we have to do to make our products. No more grinding off dross, sanding parts, and punching holes. This machine will perfectly cut our steel plate including precision holes without any dross or heat distortion. 

To prepare for installation we have been running power to where it will sit and cleaning out space. And since we are a lean manufacturer we have spent a good bit of time making sure this machine will fit our work flow in a smooth and logical way.





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