Why You Need The Ultimate Set of Helping Hands

Have you ever been constructing electronics, robotics, micro-art, or jewelry that needed a precise eye and both your hands, but you couldn’t find a good angle to work on it? A regular workbench doesn’t do much because it forces you to hunch over your project, meticulously trying to make detailed adjustments with the primitive resources you have. What do you do if you need to lift the electronic device or project you’re working on, but can’t because you simply just need another pair of hands to help you. This dilemma is not only extremely frustrating but limiting in its opportunities. It limits your field of vision and the creative opportunities that you would have been able to do had your work been easier to access at eye-level. QuadHands Delux Magnetic Workbench not only gives you five extra hands but also gives you a 360-degree view of your project, allowing you to see and access different faces of your project at the same time. Further, you’ll be able to work on what you need to work on without hunching over your project, straining your necks and eyes to make tiny adjustments on a flat surface. 

The Reliable Sidekick in Your Creation

This workbench has five flexible, metal arms that can be bent or twisted to hold whatever object is in front of you. These arms are extremely durable and trustworthy — a helpful sidekick in the creation of your electronic or micro-object project. They are reliable and won’t flop or bend under the weight of your project, proving to be a necessary component of any project that requires microscopic accuracy. To give you more creative freedom and control, two of the arms are 16 inches long, one arm is 12 inches long, and the other two arms are both 8 inches long. 

For tougher projects that may require a bit of force on your end, fear not. These arms have an ultra-strong, rare earth magnet (N52) at their base that holds them firmly to the workbench to ensure they stay put. We understand, however, that any project you are working on can vary in size, which is why these magnetic bases can be moved around as needed, just place them where you need them to be. Working away from home? An added bonus is that the magnetic bases on the bottom of each arm will attach to any steel surface that you deem good enough to work on, like machinery and even your car! The clamps at the end of each arm come with a stainless steel clamp that can be rotated 360 degrees or locked into place with knurled thumb nuts. If your electronic is particularly delicate, each clamp comes with silicone covers to protect your electronic device from becoming scratched or harmed by the clamps.  

Built to Last

Reliable and trustworthy materials come at a cost, but boy is it worth it knowing that your creation is in five good hands. The QuadHands Deluxe WorkBench is sturdy, being made from thick powder-coated steel and weighing 6.4 pounds. Further, the workbench is supported by sturdy rubber feet that hold the workbench still. It won’t shift or move under you, helping you maintain focus and precision. 

Your QuadHands WorkBench is made by professionals and hobbyists, for professionals and hobbyists. In addition to a lifetime warranty, each product comes with a no-hassle guarantee. There’s a reason we’re trusted by Tesla, Apple, and Microsoft. Check out our best sellers today — there's free shipping!

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