The Endless Possibilities With QuadHands Products


Our products may attract a certain audience, and when viewing them, it makes sense as to why. Our products are not exclusive to a singular audience, however, and have a multitude of purposes that extend beyond the world of electronics. Whether you’re an electrical engineer, a robotics engineer, or a serious hobbyist who is passionate about things like micro-art and jewelry, these products are perfect for all types of trade! What all these trades have in common is that they require a specific amount of detail that can all be accomplished with the utilization of our products. This blog will walk you through how you can utilize any of our products for a specific creation and project. When using our specialized items, feel free to get creative and take advantage of all the features, as they can be utilized for a number of different creations. 


Micro-art is a vast subject that includes things like carving the tip of lead pencils, creating small clay creations, miniature replica models, miniature wood carvings, micro-nail art, micro glass figurines, and micro-paintings. The majority of these creations, if not all, need to be elevated so they are at eye-level for optimal visibility and need enhanced magnification for small details that cannot be accomplished with the naked eye. The QuadHands Flip Circuit Board Holder is the perfect fit for a miniature canvas to draw and paint on. This not only elevates your work, but allows you to flip your artwork to work on both sides of the canvas at once. You can quickly and easily insert and remove boards without screws, making your micro-art experience as calming as possible.

The QuadHands LED 3x Magnifier is exactly what you need to illuminate your work. The LED light is ultra-bright, lighting up your dark workspace while illuminating your artwork so you can see all aspects of your micro-art evenly. Need to somehow zoom in to see your artwork at a closer and detailed level but you realize your eyes can’t do that? Well, our 3x magnifier can. This magnifier is also border-less, so there’s no irritating black line blocking your view, preventing you from finishing that incredible painting job on your miniature model train replica. 


If you’ve seen jewelry before — which, chances are, you have — you know that it requires extreme detail and a very skilled eye. Another huge shout-out to our LED 3x Magnifier, which also has a built-in 4x magnifier section. It is perfect for catching those scratch marks or dust specks on your otherwise spotless diamond that you’re maybe cleaning or maybe adding into a necklace. Either way, it’s a great way to hone-in on a specific detail. Whether you’re cleaning gems and stones, looping in a necklace clasp, making small engravings, making small sizing adjustments, or adding the perfect diamond to a ring, make sure all your adjustments and creations are precise and beautiful.


If you’re into robotics then you know how many moving parts there are, not only requiring several extra pairs of helping hands, but also virtuous patience. While we cannot sell you patience, we can help you in supplying the best helping hands you could ever ask for. 

Our QuadHands Magnetic Steel Arm is, of course, going to elevate and firmly hold any material that you need to work on. Hunching over your creation isn’t going to feel great, especially since it will have disastrous effects on your posture and neck muscles. You can buy several flexible and durable arms, that, by the way, won’t weakly bend under weight, but will bend to any position you need it to. An added bonus is that each metal arm has an ultra-strong rare Earth magnet attached to the bottom of it, attaching quite nicely to our workbenches as well as any other steel surface. Why is this such an added bonus, you ask? Well, that means you can work anywhere you want — as long as there is a steel surface for you to utilize. Whether you’re at home or in the lab, take your robotics project with you everywhere! 

If you’re working with particularly fragile or delicate pieces, don’t even stress it. Each clamp tool comes with a silicon clamp cover that will protect your material from getting bent or scratched from the clamp. 

See? Our products don’t have to exclusively apply to those working with electronics. Further, all of our products can be utilized in several different ways for all sorts of projects. The parts listed here are mere suggestions. Let your creativity grow wings and fly. Take a look at our products and get inspired by all the different things you can do with them. If you’re not happy, or if the product you bought didn’t help you with your creation as much as you were hoping, check out our “No-Hassle Guarantee” policy.

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