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Jun 26, 2019

How many times have you sat down to solder a component at your workbench and tried to figure out just how you were going to handle the project. If you take your left hand and gently hold the component, put a quarter under the right corner of the PCB to get just the right angle, hold the solder in your mouth, and run the soldering iron with your right hand, you almost, might have it. Does this sound like a situation that you have found yourself in a time or two? We like to call it soldering yoga because you have to execute complex moves just to get a tiny piece of solder right where you want it. Inevitably you have to heat up the whole thing again because your work is not straight and fails to line up. But that is why we do it right? For the challenge? Please. There is a better way, leave the challenge to the real yoga-ists, (if that is what they call themselves), QuadHands will do the soldering yoga for you. 

A Helping Hand When You Need It 

Don't we all wish we had an extra hand once in a while? Sure, people may stare but it would be worth it. If you are a hobbyist, work with fine electrical soldering, jewelry maker, or just someone who works with their hands, the QuadHands helping hands tool is the perfect addition to your arsenal of tools. Dare we say that it is a game changer? Absolutely. When we developed the QuadHands workbench and helping hands tool we looked at what was out there currently, needless to say it did not live up to our standards. We grew up on Chuck Norris and the A-Team, the plastic junk that was out there would not cut it for those guys, so why would we want to use it? We needed a tough as nails, big guns, bulletproof tool for those delicate jobs. Kind of like one of those girls in the MMA ─ attractive and feminine but you know she could knock out any guy who looked at her cross-eyed. The reasoning behind the beefed up design is many of the helping hands tools on the market simply were not big or solid enough to handle all of the jobs that we could throw at it, we figured there must be a better way. 

Designed Better 

The truth of the matter is that we originally designed the QuadHands for our own product development studio when we just could not find something that worked. In the spirit of our philosophy of building products that are useful and last, we built our first helping hands tool out of solid steel. Now we were getting somewhere. We attached solid steel magnetic arms to the steel base and the QuadHands was born. It was something we knew was missing in the market and that thousands of you out there would appreciate the construction as much as we did. 

Built For The Long Haul

The problem with most things these days is the fact that nothing is made to last anymore. How many times have you upgraded your cell phone because it had a cracked screen? They just are not built to last. Sure the technology is available to make you cell phone screen able to withstand a .50 caliber tracer round, but why would they want to when they can sell you a new one? This attitude is why we built the QuadHands to the degree we did ─ to outlast the cell phone. 

In all seriousness, we know what it is like when you find a tool that performs like it should, that you know will be part of your arsenal for years to come. We build them right, and we build them to last, so you can build what you love.       

Get Your Hands on Your Very Own QuadHands 

If you are tired of struggling with substandard helping hands tools, elevate your workbench, toolbox, or workspace to the next level with a QuadHands tool. Built for daily use and designed to last, we offer many different sizes and we are sure you can find a QuadHands that will work for your specific application. Order a QuadHands workbench and see the difference for yourself.   

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